Solar Power: The Sustainable Energy Source

Solar – The Energy Source

Solar – a source of life! It is the most underutilized energy source that humans should look into. Why? Read on to know more…

We live in a congested world! There are more than 7 billion people living in over 200 countries in the world. Each of us wants to live a comfortable, happy and successful life.  Even though it is difficult, it is good to know that more and more people are coming out of the poverty line and are able to afford luxuries and comforts of the world.

By comforts, I mean the affordability of things like cars (or at least two-wheelers) for better and comfortable travel, better homes to live in, electronic gadgets for an entertaining life, and other similar utilities.

One thing that you might have observed is that all the utilities mentioned above require energy to work. Just like humans, that need food as a source of energy to do any work, or even live. Some utilities mentioned above require electricity, some require fuels like petrol (gasoline), diesel, and other fuels for energy.

The Challenge With Energy

As mentioned above, all things in the world – be it a car or electronic equipment, they require a source of energy. But, the problem with these fuels is that they are made out of fossil fuels. Due to the increased usage of fuels, raw fossil fuels are disappearing from the earth.

To overcome this challenge, it is very important to find an alternative source of energy that does not get exhausted. One such source is Solar Energy.

Solar Energy – The Future

Solar – The Energy Source
Solar – The Energy Source

In simple terms, as you can understand from the term itself – it is the energy that is sourced from the sun. As you might already know, the energy obtained from the sun cannot be exhausted, so we can use it as much as possible.

Solar Energy is the heat and the radiant light that could be harnessed from the sun. It can be done using many technologies like solar thermal energy, solar heating, solar architecture, etc.

Solar Power

Solar power is different from solar energy. It is the process of conversion of solar power into electricity. In order to do this, photovoltaic cells are used. They convert the heat and light from the sun to electricity.

Concentrated photovoltaic cells use several devices such as mirrors, lenses and tracking system. They focus the spread sunlight onto a single point and generate heat. That heat can then converted to electricity in an affordable manner.


Solar – The Energy Source
Solar – The Energy Source

The solar power is renewables source of energy, which means that we can use it as much as possible. Moreover, it is pollution free unlike other sources of energy like fossil fuels and others.

The solar panels last for longer periods – as long as 30 years. So there is no need to do any maintenance. Additionally, it has a return on investment because it does not generate any utility bills for you, unlike other sources. It is free to use.


Like any other good thing, even this comes with a few disadvantages. It has a high initial set up costs. Solar-powered cars cannot match up with the power and speeds generated by gas-powered cars. It doesn’t work during nights in the absence of the sun, so we need a battery to store power during nights.

Apart from that, you cannot generate that much power during winters and rainy seasons.

So what are your thoughts about solar power? Do share your views with us.

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